Free Software Downloads

Through my favorite Blog I discovered a link to where Jason Had posted a list of free software in a handy chart showing the expensive software it compares to, along with a link to where you can find it. I’m gonna post the chart here but check out his site, you might find more useful information there.

Open Office Microsoft Office type program
AbiWord Word Processor
NVU Web Page Editor
Evernote Note Taking Software
Gimp Photoshop type program
Inkscape Illustrator type program
Blender 3D Drawing Program
7-Zip Winzip type program
Really Slick Screensavers Screensaver
Picasa Google’s Photo Organizer Software
Clamwin Anti-Virus Software
Microsoft Anti-Spyware Anti-Spyware
SpamPal Anti-Spam
Filezilla FTP Software
Firefox Internet Explorer type program
Thunderbird Email Software
Skype Internet Telephony
Winamp Music Player
VLC Multimedia Player
Audacity Record/Editing Sounds
Virt-Dimension Multi-Desktop software
VirtuaWin Multi-Desktop software
TightVNC Remote PC Control
FlightGear Flight Simulation Game
America’s Army 1st Person Shooter Game
Celestia Space Simulation
Little Fighter Cute fighing game

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