Movies Last Night

Last Night and today I watched 4 movies and here is what I thought of the movies, They are all on dvd so odds are most of you have seen them. First I saw Nicolas Cage in The Weatherman. I thought this was going to be a comedy but it wasn’t. It was a serious movie with some funny parts. Overall I thought this was a good movie and to see Michael Caine explaining what a camel toe is was hilarious. I definitely recommend this movie but don’t expect a comedy. The next one I saw was Inside man starring Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster. This was my favorite movie of the four. At first you think the bad guys are going to rob the bank just to get rich. They do it to get rich but theres some other motive for this and they do a damn good job of pulling it off. Thats all I will say so as to avoid spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but I recommend you go check this movie out. The third movie I saw was The Sentinel. Being a fan (addict) of 24, it was good to see Keifer Sutherland in a similar role as a Secret Service agent. This also stars Michael Douglas and Eva Longoria 1287.jpg(who is the hottest actress to me right now….damn, she’s sexy..I might have to find a picture of her for this post). Michael Douglas stars as a secret service agent who is suspected of plotting to kill the president and he must prove his innocence. This movie is really good. The last movie I saw today was Silent Hill. I’m not really a fan of horror movies but this was ok. It was kind of far-fetched but the end of the movie will leave you saying DAMN!!! I don’t think you will be disappointed with any of these movies……Isn’t she sexy in that bikini…I love Maxim.


One response to “Movies Last Night

  1. You are right on the money about “Silent Hill”. When the movie ended my exact words were “Damn”! Good review, I enjoyed this blog. Keep up the good work. To bad you cant get a job doing this because you are quite good at it. The sports coverage is excellent.

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