An essential starter blog list….From Lifehacker

My favorite blog Lifehacker posted a link today to Raj Setty’s blog today with some great information for anyone getting into blogging…I’m fairly new myself. CHeck out the Blogger Starting Checklist and you’ll find some good information. I’ve been playing with some of his ideas all day. Some of the ones I was able to do today were:

3. Get a feedburner account and direct feeds through feedburner” This is to make it easier for readers to get a feed from your blog. Incidentally, My feedburner feed.

“7. Allow users to get your blog via email”

I like this one because you can subscribe here via email. Theres a button up top but you can also click here to subscribe.

11. Provide a way to contact you

My email address is conveniently located up top in a neat little button which I made here

Theres 20 steps in all and I’m working on some more of them. CHeck out his blog, Life Beyond Code,  it’s very informative and helped me.





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