Didn’t pick Dilana? What were they thinking?

head_dilana.jpgalso known as Supernova, Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, and Gilby Clark have chosen Lukas Rossi as their lead singer. I am very unhappy with this (as you can tell by the title) Because the enchantress Dilana was obviously the best singer and most deserving. If you are just catching this, I unfortunately got caught up in the reality show (I know, shut up) Rockstar Supernova. I also became smitten with Dilana but alas she came in second. As the consolation prize she was offered the chance to tour with the house band (whoopee) and then Gilby Clark and Dave Navarro offered to help produce a CD with her. I just wonder what Lukas will do come March when the members of his band go back to their old bands Motley Crue (what a joke), Guns N’ Roses (hahaha…..right) and Metallica (oh, wait, did he leave because he wasn’t Cliff) At least one of them has a band to go back to….I think they might be a little sexist.

oh, I put a picture of Dilana here so everyone can see how sexy she is.


One response to “Didn’t pick Dilana? What were they thinking?

  1. The right person won this competition Marcus. This woman has anger and control issues, as am sure that you saw displayed in more than one episode. She is unstable and continues to be that way. She did have some really good moments but some of her original songs were completely out of touch for what the band would ever sing and when you cant even understand the words to a song then I don’t ever want to hear it on the radio. Ozzy Osbourne was more intelligible than this girl sometimes was. She was flat half the time and the “professional” judges aka members of the band couldn’t even tell that. I hope this band stays together but as you said, Im a little worried about this one. Last year was a different story, we had a band that was well established and will rock the world. Didn’t Tommy Lee learn anything when he “went to college”. I just don’t know about the longevity of this “band”. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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