Keith Primeau announced his retirement

keithprimeau.jpgGreat Hockey Player and former Carolina Hurricane (2006 Stanley Cup Champions) announced his retirement today after 15 seasons in the NHL. “I am here today to formally announce my retirement due to post-concussion,” said Primeau “This decision will allow me to live a normal life and hopefully, with time, few reminders of my injuries.” Primeau was most recently the captain of the Philadelphia Flyers. He’s a great hockey player who will definitely be missed. I am a fan of his from his days with the Hurricanes. He played with carolina200.gifDetroit before that and Hartford before they moved to Raleigh to bring credibility (and a Stanley Cup) to the franchise. I found this article at Yahoo News and decided to share my thoughts.


One response to “Keith Primeau announced his retirement

  1. That guy craped on the Canes when we needed him most, I hate to see a person retire due to injury but he was a turd! We call him Primadonna for a reason.

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