What a day

Ok, so My grandmother turns 95 tomorrow (actually it’s 2 am so its today) so today (saturday) I took her to Raleigh to my stepbrothers house. I actually had a good time even though my dad and I were the only UNC fans there and were outnumbered by NC State fans. Today also was an excellent day to see some great matchups and upsets in College football. None of the great games came on at noon so I ended up watching Bosston College beat BYU in overtime. Later on Michigan beat the tar out of Notre Dame (and Brady Quinns 3 interceptions might’ve ended his Heisman run). Florida beat Tennessee, Clemson beat Florida State, and Oregon beat Oklahoma. I’m the happiest about UNC finally winning their first game against Division 1-AA Furman 45-42. Our defense is pretty pathetic giving up 42 points and over 400 yards of total offense to aDivision 1-AA team (granted they did finish 2nd in Div. 1-AA last year) but we did have over 400 yards ourselves. It was only televised on ESPNU and since Time Warner doesn’t carry that channel I was forced to follow it on the internet. Apparently Cam Sexton started and played really well only throwing 1 interception (compared to the 2 per game Dailey has thrown so far). I think Dailey should switch to running back or receiver cause he’s really fast but he just throws too many interceptions. At least NC State lost today so they have a tie record with UNC (both are 1-2) and amazingly enough we’re tied with Miami who lost to Louisville (haha…I forgot that one earlier). Well, thats all for now. Hopefully The panthers can play like the predicted Super Bowl winners they are supposed to be…and hopefully they and the falcons can put up some amazing numbers to help my fantasy football rebound from the whupping we got last week. Good Night all


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