What I’ve found on other blogs part 1

Ok, so I discovered this other blog a while back (and it’s in my blogroll by the way) called Shoemoney and last night I was checking it out. I found a very interesting post with tons of comments about this dating site PlentyofFish and it’s owner Markus Frind. He was calling out Frind and I found it very interesting. I don’t know if he makes $10,000 a day from his ads like he calims but I do know that I am a fan of his site. I have met some really cool people through that site and had a couple of good relationships that I have had. It’s definitely the only totally free dating site I’ve ever seen. I know I’m rambling here but I thought it was very interesting. You should read up on it here. I’m watching the game tonight but I’m looking at the web too so hopefully I’ll find something interesting to write about. also, job prospects are looking promising for a new career soon so that should be something very interesting i’ll have to write about.


3 responses to “What I’ve found on other blogs part 1

  1. my daughter is 17 and currently enrolled at a 4 year university. I want her to apply for a credit card so she would have it for emergencies as she will be away from home. She has no credit, but a part time job. Student cards she applied for said no credit was needed but was denied. Any suggestions if



  2. This is what God salivated when he written smash and I abruptly muted to the notion.

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