What I’ve learned tonight

Ok, So I’m surfing through some blogs tonight and I made some discoveries I thought I’d share with you. The first site I came to was called Building My Empire and apparently it’s about making money through your blog. I discovered some very cool stuff there. He talked about this site called www.payperpost.com where you sign up, search through opportunities and blog about things you are interested in that are there and get paid for them. I definitely plan on signing up for this (but don’t worry, I will only talk about things that I normally would anyway) but your blog has to be more than 90 days old and I have about 2 and a half months before then (oh well). So, then I found another site called Blogging Resource and Promotion Site. So far I’ve only found the traffic exchanges there where you sign up, register your blog and go look at other blogs. For every 2 you check out there, 1 person will read yours. I figure I’ll sign up for them and get my readers up and in 90 days, start getting paid for my blog. Sweet!! A couple of the traffic exchanges I’ve signed up with so far are blogcrowd.com, blogazoo.com, blogadvance.com, and blogsoldiers.com. I’ll definitely keep you up to date on how this is going.


One response to “What I’ve learned tonight

  1. Hi! I’ve added you to my PayPerPost blogroll – if you’re interested in linking back to me, and other PPP’ers, read about the blogroll at http://www.simplekindoflife.com/2006/09/11/new-blogroll-for-posties/

    Welcome to PPP!

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