Have you heard

I don’t know about you but Bud Light has a series of Radio Commercials called “Real Men of Genius” where they salute average people like “Mr. Company Computer Guy”, or “Mr Pet Toy Designer”. I love those commercials and laugh everytime I hear one. Well, anyway I found a website that has them all for you to download. I went today and downloaded them all and put them on a CD. I bet theres close to 100. According to wikipedia this “..campaign has since become the most award-winning radio campaign in the history of advertising”. The guy doing the talking in these great commercials is Pete Stacker. Some of the classic lyrics are “You’ve given us the real American dream: a tray, fifteen feet of food, and a little sign that says, “Go nuts buddy!” from Mr. All you can Eat Buffet Inventor, and “so crack open an ice cold bud light mister, and know it’s no accident that those shoes are red, white, and blue.” from mr. bowling shoe giver outer. I love these commercials and if you haven’t heard them you definitely need to check them out


One response to “Have you heard

  1. I like the Mr. Loud Cell Phone Talker Guy one.

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