New Blog Friends

Ok, I posted a few days ago about the site I found Pay Per Post where you can get paid for blogging. I have to wait 90 days before I can sign up but apparently theres a whole network of people who do this. I’ve discovered a couple of cool people who have put links to my blog on their site. A few of them are Lady Novas Place, Nutmeg Nine, and Tors Rants. I’ve put links to all of them in my second page and you should check them out here. Also a good friend and great author has linked to me on her blog here. You should definitely check her blog out, and you might find that you will love her books. She writes a series of books called The Circle of Friends.


2 responses to “New Blog Friends

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Have fun with PPP. It’s been a pretty decent source of spare cash for me so far. Have a great weekend,

  2. Hi – I would like to add you to my payperpost blogroll – I am fixing up my site…is there any place to go to find a list of payperposties to add? Thanks

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