What a Day

Hello all. I’ve had a very eventful day so I thought I would share it with you. I got up early because I had to go to downtown Raleigh to the Registrar of Deeds to pick up a copy of some paperwork. I got to raleigh no problem but once I got there the fun began. I’m not very familiar with the downtown area and that accompanied by the fact that every street is one way (as with most cities ) made it an adventure. Now I thought I knew where the ROD was but alas I was greatly mistaken. I think I saw every street for about 30 minutes and had to ask for dirctions…TWICE. The first was a cop at an accident and he pointed me to the street I thought I needed to be on, but of course that was not where I needed to be. Then I found a guy trying to cross the street and he told me where the ROD was. Now I just had to keep that information while I tried to find free or cheap parking as I had only brought $2.10 (what was I thinking). Luckily I found a parking lot for 50 cents an hour and it was even on the same street as the ROD….just 5 or 6 blocks away. I made it to the ROD (now with $1.60) an got to the window and the lady retrieved my documents. She asked if I needed it to file for benefits and I said sure. She then said if it was for benefits there was no charge (what a nice lady because I’m sure $1.60 would not have covered it) I then made my way out of raleigh without any complications and had 2 more stops. The first was hope mills to get my hair cut (Classy Cuts in the Food Lion Shopping center is the greatest). Now I just had to go to Ft.Bragg. If any of you live in the area you know that without a sticker and military or DA civilian ID you must have your car searched. Luckily I gave myself plenty of time cause I was in line for almost 30 minutes to be searched. Last obstacle or so I thought. I’m not very familiar with Bragg so I had directions and only knew one way to get where I needed to go. I get to the street I need to be on and a little way down I find it is closed for construction. So now I’m confused and driving through Army company parking lots trying to get back on course. Finally I get oriented and arrive at my destination 10 whole minutes early…..what a day


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