I love Dateline and…

stg_hz_predator_3p.jpgChris Hansen in my hero. Tonight to my excitement Dateline on NBC is doing a show on internet predators. Man I love this shit. I love to see these guys get confronted about talking about having sex with 13 year old girls. It’s especially hilarious when they get tackeled by the police as they try to leave. What the hell are they thinking. Well, tonight they are near Ft.Benning, GA and catching soldiers and Iraq vets. Hell, they got a Staff Sergeant and Lieutenant. I wish they would run one of these episodes each week. I’ve chatted with alot of girls online and if they ever said they were 14 or 15 it was nice to meet you, have a good night…The End……damn losers trying to sleep with a child. If you haven’t seen one of these episodes you’re missing out. They are assisted by a company  called Perveted Justice. Check them out. They even put their picture and chatlog online. I love these guys. Keep up yhe good work guys. Stuff like

sadlilgrrl (1:36:16 PM): i’m almost 14                                    fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (1:52:57 PM): Oh? Even knowing it will be a sexual use of you?
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (1:53:03 PM): Knowing that I may spank you?
fleet_captain_jaime_wolfe (1:53:20 PM): Knowing that if you are bad, I may punish you?
(What sort of sick man responds to a child this way?)

I love how they comment on the sickos. Keep up the good work Dateline and Perverted Justice. Support Dateline and Check Out their website

Support Perverted Justice and Check Their WebSite out too. These guys Rock!!!


One response to “I love Dateline and…

  1. I saw this episode last week as well. I watched the whole thing. I am puzzled though as to how they can be arrested…meaning I understand that it is an”attempt” – but they were actually talking to an adult/spy and not a minor…you get me? I am waiting on a reply from a media law expert, friend of mine to get back to me on that one.
    It’s crazy to see soldiers pitch in this too. Crazy and sad.
    Great show.

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