Looking for Deals

a208-1056-callout.jpgOk, so tonight I decided to look for computer deals. I’m at TigerDirect right now and heres what I have found so far: The A-Data 1 GB Flash Drive for 24 bucks, The D-Link wireless router fora180-1280-icon.jpg 5 bucks after a rebate, and a Acer Laptop with about 1.5 ghz, 256 mb RAM, 40 gb hard drive, and a CD-burner/DVD-Rom drive for 500 bucks. Not bad, you could upgrade the ram and still come out on top by alot. I’ve bought from TD before and I like it alot, especially since you can pay with PayPal. My only complaint with them is that I’ve clicked on ads on their site before and had monthly payments of about 10 bucks withdrawn from my checking account…I was highly pissed and got the money back.

drv10918_lg.jpgNow, lets check out Surplus Computers, another website I check out occasionally.They have a 1 gb flash drive for 22 bucks but they don’t tell the brand name. I also found a hp photosmart digital camera, 3.2 mp for 55 bucks. I just found on there a 2 gb jump drive for 30 drv10894_md.jpgbucks…wow. You just need to check out the Hot Deals Page, Theres alot of stuff there.


One response to “Looking for Deals

  1. I love TigerDirect as well. I’ve bought quite a bit from them, especially while we were overseas. They offer a lot that wasn’t available to us through the PX. About the laptop…good deal if you have the know how and patience to upgrade the RAM…I’m great with computers when it comes to using them, but know nothing about the hardware. I wound up buying a laptop that had what I needed…yes, I paid more, but didn’t have to do anything to it, which was what I needed at the time. Good luck!

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