UNC didn’t show up

sucks.jpgI know I should wait til the games over before getting frustrated but it’s halftime and Clemson is beating the tarheels 35-0. Damn. it’s like they didn’t show up for the game. I’m a big fan of John Bunting but my patience is starting to wear thin. He had a top 25 recruiting class last year but it’s like he’s not able to do anything with it…Hey, stats are on the screen and Clemson had 197 rushing yards and UNC had 2…TWO!!!!!!!!!! damn! Hopefully it’ll get better.


5:07 to go in the 3rd and  the score is 49-0….IN THE THIRD QUARTER!!!!!!!

*******OK FINAL UPDATE*********

Final score, UNC lost (duh) 52-7. I guess once Clemson put in their 3rd string UNC was able to score. I won’t bore you with any more football rants today but tomorrow’s another day with the Panthers record of late


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