Chris Simms underwent emergency surgery

chrissimms.jpgImmediately after Sundays loss to the Panther, Tampa Bay Quarterback underwent emergency surgery to remove his spleen. They aren’t sure when the injury occured but he did leave the game in the 3rd quarter but returned on the very next drive. He had a 2 yard touchdown run in the third quarter and was flipped into the endzone and came down hard on his ribs. It could’ve happened then. The team Doctor, Dr. Joseph Diaco said “Chris Simms suffered an injury to his spleen during (Sunday’s) game and was taken to the hospital. He underwent a spleenectomy. He’s in stable condition. Chris is doing well and we expect a full recovery.” Simms mom told NBC that he would be bilde.jpghospitalized for a few days. I’m glad the Panthers won but I hate that Simms got hurt. The 2nd picture is Simms after a hit byPanthers Defensive End Al Wallace. I got this information from The Ledger Online site of The Lakeland, FL newspaper


One response to “Chris Simms underwent emergency surgery

  1. Wow, how random… I was going throug PPP blog links and you were one of the first, and even though I know squat about football I totally know who Chris Simms is, as I did marry a Longhorn. ; )

    Glad to hear he’s dong ok after the surgery.

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