My Day

Well it’s official, I won my fantasy football game again this weekend 108-90. I am 2-2 after starting the season with 2 losses in a row. Next week though my team has to face my best friends team who put up 182 points this weekend. Also, my blog had it’s best day so far with 38 views. Hopefully it’ll keep building and I’ll have a good loyal group of regular readers. I put some items for sale on ebay today (see previous posts) and 2 have bids now so I’m gonna get some money…Sweet. I saw Pay Per Post’s big news today that they have closed a deal for 3 million dollars in venture capital. Thats really cool and I can’t wait til I can start posting with them and getting paid. I think it’s a great thing and I’m already a member so if you’re not, you should check it out and use my email address as a reference (it’s listed in the little gmail button on the right). Have a good night everyone.


One response to “My Day

  1. 38 views is pretty good man! Cheers!

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