Another of my Hobbies

bill_paths.pngI don’t know what made me think of this but something else I enjoy and haven’t done in a while is called Where’s George. I’m sure you’ve all heard of this but I got one of those bills one time and I was curious where it was from. I looked it up and it was from Cleveland. That was really neat, they even had a little note in there that said something like “George will be set free tonight downtown while checking out the Christmas lights….” So I decided to see what it took to do this. At first I got out the handy pen and wrote on the bills. I decided that wasn’t good enough so I looked around online and found some stamps. I did this alot for a while and I guess I got bored with it. Every once in a while I’ll get an email saying someone has entered one of my bills into the database. I think the farthest ones have traveled are NY, Florida, and Ohio (I’ve made a little map to show you where some of them went). I think it helps that I can see I-95 from my house and would just use the bills to buy gas or a drink at the truck stop. I highly recommend Where’s George because it’s fun to log in and see where a bill you had in your wallet is now.


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