Found this on Lifehacker

Ok, I’m still here. I found this on Lifehacker and I’m testing it out. It’s a service called Write to my Blog and it’s like a word processor for your blog. It’ll post your stuff to your blog. It’s supposed to make it alot easier so I’m just writing a quickpost with it. Hope it works.Wait, I see all kind of neat buttons up top. I’m gonna play with it and see what I can find.Hey, I’ve changed Font colors..COOL. I wonder what else I can change and colorfy….HMM…Let’s see. Man, I’m like a kid with a new toy. You can tell I’m easily amused. Good Night all.


2 responses to “Found this on Lifehacker

  1. Hey Marc!
    If you use FireFox, search for an extension called Performancing. Its a great extension, and helps you to blog. Just type in the post, and click submit, and its published. Loads of WYSIWYG options. You can also see the html, preview it, or save it.

    I blog using performancing extension. Its quite simple, and pops up at the click of F8 🙂 You really need to try it 🙂


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