New TV Show….The Nine

You Might Not want to read any farther if you DVR’d “The Nine” and plan on watching it later.
Ok, so tonight I decided to check out the first episode of the new show “The Nine”. I was pleasantly suprised right off the bat to see Kim Raver who I know as Audrey Raines on “24”. I live for 24 in the late winter/early spring so it was cool to see her here. I also saw some more familiar faces including Tim Daly who used to play Joe Hackett on “Wings”, Scott Wolf who was on “Party of Five”, and a couple of people I’ve seen pop up in episodes of “Law and Order” and “CSI”. I thought this was a cool show and I want to see more episodes. Apparently these people are stuck as hostages in a bank robbery for 2 days. It doesn’t really tell us what it is but it’s definitely traumatic as they come back together to form a sort of support group at the end of episode one. The bank manager (who was the principal on “Boston Public” if you remember that show) and his teenage daughter were in there and are part of the nine former hostages. They seem to be drawn together by whatever happened to them in the bank. At the very end of the episode the managers daughter, who apparently has some form of amnesia because she can’t remember the 2 days she was a hostage, skips the get-together (group therapy) to go to the prison and visit the bank robber(I can’t wait to see whats up with that). If you TIVO’d or DVR’d this to watch you definitely should. I can’t wait til next week. It’s definitely better than “Jericho” (but I like “Jericho” too) but not as good as “24”(nothing is, not even “The Sopranos”)


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