Write To My Blog Part 2

Ok, I’ve played with Write To My Blog (which I mentioned a couple of posts ago) and I’ve started to discover it’s positives and negatives. On the plus side, I added it to my favorites and then went into the favorites folder and sent it as a shortcut to the desktop. It gave it the websites logo which is cool. I also dragged it into the quick launch on the taskbar. You can see this in my little screenshot. On the downside the only way you can add a picture is by adding a picture thats online somewhere like Flickr. So that means that I’m not using it to write this post. Overall I like it and plan on using it because it does make things simpler. I’ll just come here when I need to add a picture because I can’t add all of my pictures to flickr (without paying the 25 bucks a year which I’m not really wanting to do)


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