Whats going on here

Well, it’s been quite a day. First of all, you guys know tonight is Dateline and I think it was the last “To Catch a Predator” for a while but it was good. I especially loved the Prominent Doctor getting busted. He did ask for a lawyer during interrogation but the crafty detective talked him into waiving the right to an attorney and keep talking. What a putz (but what can you expect from someone who came to sleep with a 13 year old girl) I’ve watched enough “Law & Order” to know to shut the hell up until my lawyer arrives. Anyway, Dateline did give a little teaser of the next predator show (but didn’t mention when it will air) and they are gonna bust someone for the SECOND time. Thats right, I said second time. How do you get caught by these guys twice..Haha, I can’t wait. Oh yeah, you can go here for The Dateline online safety kit                                   

I took down my room today. Today, I took down my bedroom. I added a dresser and got rid of an old entertainment system. Believe it or not, the thing broke down and fit into the trunk of my car. My best friend and I then waited til after dark and took it to the dump (shhh…don’t tell anyone). Also, earlier I got to go to one of the larger thrift shops in fayetteville. They had some really cool shit there.

Payperpost. Ok, so I’ve combined three posts into one. Well, anyway I was looking through the payperpost site where I’m a member(and waiting til my blog is old enough to start posting) and I found links to some sites where some people were talking pure shit about them. Apparently these 2 guys Jay Allen and Jason Calacanis are talking pure trash about PPP on blogs that are covered with Adsense ads. I’m not real sure who these guys are but I think it’s funny that they would say this kind of stuff. I’ve met nothing but really cool people since getting involved with PPP and I can’t wait til I can start posting some of their opportunities. Ted Murphy, I think you’re doing a cool thing (and I loved the Today Show blitz). Good Night all and have a great weekend. Hopefully I’ll have good news on Sunday regarding my Fantasy Football matchup


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