Fun Internet Stuff

My PaintingHello, it’s me again. I found a couple of neat Websites tonight while reading some of my favorite blogs. I was reading Cass Knits which is a neat blog by a new friend I’ve met since joining Pay Per Post. She was talking about another blog she does called Six Neat Things which is mainly stuff she finds online (kind of like I do occasionally) so of course I checked it out. She has found some really cool sites but my favorite one that she’s found is called “Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas “. You use your mouse to make abstract paintings and click the left mouse button to change colors. It was really cool. I enjoyed it and can tell that I will be back making more paintings, and checking nightly for her six neat things. Oh, and check out my painting. I was quite proud and may even upload it to to get me a print of it.


One response to “Fun Internet Stuff

  1. Rad art, man! Rad, I say.

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