My Thoughts or Just Rambling

Ok, once I decided to get serious about this blog I signed up with Technorati. I go there everyday and it never shows that my blog is updated. Now it says that I haven’t updated my blog in 21 days. Come on, you can just scroll down this page and see that I’ve added alot of stuff in the past 3 weeks. Theres instructions on adding a little code to automatically ping them. Unfortunately I think the instructions are for the blogs and not the free ones like this one. It shows how many people have links here and I thank all of you for that (most are my new Payperpost friends) If anyone has any idea how I can fix this I am open to suggestions. I do the “Update Ping” everyday but it doesn’t seem to help. Also, I found a website that lets you find your google pagerank to your site and even lets you add a little button (you can see my pagerank of 0 to te right) Also, if anyone has suggestions on how to get my pagerank higher than 0 it would be greatly appreciated.


One response to “My Thoughts or Just Rambling

  1. Don’t know the answer to those blogger challenges! But it makes life interesting, doesn’t it?
    Hope things go well with the job prospect – let me know!
    As for me, I’m just glad to be home!!!

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