What Was I Thinking

You guys might get a kick out of this. Yesterday my best friend and I came up with the bright idea that we were gonna race to see who was the fastest runner. I know, I’m almost 33 and he’s 30 so we’re getting too old for this. Thats not the craziest part of it. Instead of running sprints in the yard or anything we decided to run in the parking lot next door. It was only about 40 yards so it wasn’t gonna be that bad right. Ok. About halfway through the race we were neck and neck and then I fell. Now I have bandaged palms, shoulder, and arm and some sore ribs. The palms are particularly nasty. Luclkily I don’t have to return to class til Thursday so hopefully I’ll be healed up enough to go without the bandages so I don’t look like the mummy. Anyway my fall was the objects of many jokes at my expense for the rest of the day as it should’ve been. Hope your saturday was better.


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