Why do you care Jason Calcanis?

Ok, so I was just over at Jason Calcanis’ blog and he is apparently on the warpath against Pete Wright and Payperpost. Apparently he thinks is his persomal mission to shut down Payperpost and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Since becoming a member of payperpost I’ve met some of the coolest people. I would much rather read the blogs of people like Cass, and Colleen than the negative holier than thou bloggers like this Calcanis, and Scoble. Just because these people are high up in the IT industry and feel justified for posting ads for their companies and their friends, they try to come down on the Posties for making 5 bucks for posting and the advertisers who unlike Microsoft can’t afford millions of dollars for advertising. Pete Wright made many valid arguments and then Jason Calcanis made childish attacks and insults such as

“I just looked at the sad, sad advertisers using PayPerPost. We don’t sell ads to losers like this. We sell ads to the top 100 advertisers on the Internet. “

Dude, are you in high school where you have to resort to name calling because some other company beat you to a good idea. I’ll take my new “Postie” friends over your high and mighty IT guys anyday. Get a life. Check out the Debate between Pete Wright and Jason Calcanis and see who the adult is. Thanks Payperpost for letting everyday bloggers who don’t have thousands of readers make a few dollars.


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