Why the Heisman Award is a joke

Ok, so you know I love sports and football especially. Last year Reggie Bush won the Heisman award and he was very much deserving. Last year was the exception to the rule though because the most deserving person never wins the Heisman which is supposed to be the award for the best college football player. It’s not the award for the best college football player in the BCS conferences which is what it usually ends up being. In 2005 Garrett Wolfe of Northern Illinois was the second leading rusher in the NCAA with 1,580 yards and 16 touchdowns. Deangelo Williams (now with the Carolina Panthers) was first with 1,964 yards. Reggie Bush was 4th with 1,740 yards. Bush was fiest in BCS conferences though being in the PAC-10. Bush did have the most yards in a single game thoguh while Wolfe had the second and third. Now, halfway through the 2006 season Garrett Wolfe has 1395 yards and he has 6 games to go. Even though he’s in the MAC he is playing quality opponents. He had 171 yards against number 1 Ohio State University. At this rate he will run for 2,800 yards an probably have 1,000 yards more than second place but will he get the Heismana. HELL NO, he’s in the MAC. This is a travesty and it’s why Ifeel the Heisman award is a joke. If you love football you should agree. Wolfe will be drafted and have a great NFL career with his abilities. I’m sorry Garrett Wolfe that you will not win the heisman which you deserve. If I had a vote I would vote for you.


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