Did you ever notice?

So I’m watching TV tonight and a drug commercial comes on. It’s for one called Rozerum which is a medicine to help you dleep. You’ve seen the commercialyou know the one with Abe Lincoln and a beaver playing chess. Anyway, the best part of all medicine commercials is when they list the possible side effects. Most of the time the side effects are worse than what you took the pills for in the first place. Anyway, this Rozerum’s side effects in clude….get this….fatigue, and drowsiness…Haha, no shit. Fatigue and Drowsiness are the side effects for a sleeping pill. I will never cease to get a good laugh from the medicine commercials stated side effects but this takes the cake. 


One response to “Did you ever notice?

  1. I love that commercial. The beaver is great, did you notice that he is eating bacon and eggs? Does anyone know if it is whole wheat or white bread toast?

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