What I’ve found today

I found a couple of interesting things today on one of my favorite blogs Lifehacker. The first is a link to a website called PDF Pad where you can download all kind of stuff in PDFs. I haven’t downloaded anything there yet but some of the stuff I see on the homepage are things like Calendars, Graph Paper, Storyboards, and Sudoku. I love Sudoku (even though I have a hard time with the hard ones) so I might check these out.      

The next thing I’ve found is a link to a website called PhotoJojo where they have an article suggesting a neat idea of taking a picture everyday for a year. This seems like a really good idea to chronicle your year and let you look back on things you’ve done, places you’ve been, and people you’ve met. I love this idea and since my birthday is coming up soon I’ll probably start then. Check out  these links, some of I’m sure you’ll like what you find.


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