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Well, yesterday was a good day. The Panthers stepped it up against the stifling defense of the Baltimore Ravens. Jake Delhomme had a career high 366 yards passing with 189 of them to Steve Smith. Man, Smith is unstoppable. Julius Peppers also had another good day with 2 sacks putting him in the NFL lead with 8 for the year. All of this meant good things for my fantasy football team. As long as the Bears can hold Edgerrin James to les than 30 points (and he’ll need over 100 yards and at least 3 touchdowns to get that so I have faith) then I’ll have beaten the league leader in our fantasy football league. It will put me at 4-2 (after a 0-2 start this will meant I went 4-0 the last month) and in a 3 way tie for the league lead.

Now, today. I had orientation at my new job of hospital (armed) security. It was a long, boring day made up of shots, videos, and speeches about benefits. Looks like tomorrow will be more of the same and on wednesday, thursday, and friday I’ll be in training classes in the security department. Oh, and friday I will get sprayed in the face with foam mace (really not looking forward to that) but I did meet an attractive aerobics instructor so I might be signing up to take aerobics classes (lol) and what appears to be a morning racquetball partner after I get off work. I will keep you updated and maybe post a picture of me after the mace incident.


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  1. Yeah! Way to go Marcus! Congratulations.

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