and the burning has subsided

Ok, as you know I have started a new job as a hospital security officer. All this week I have been going through training and sitting through classes. Well today was pepper spray class. We use a foam spray called oleoresin capsicum. Now I have first hand experience as to what it’s like to get hit in the face with this stuff. Let me tell you that it burns. It took about 10 minutes with my face under a spigot of cold water in the sink just to be able to open my eyes. After that it burned and tingled for about 30 minutes. Let me tell you that I will not use this stuff lightly because now I know what it’s like. It is made from the cayenne pepper plant and is totally organic. I even heard about a group of police officers that use it as seasoning for their chili in the local chili cookoff. I don’t think I would eat that chili but I guess its possible. Well anyway I’m off for 3 days now so I hope you have a good weekend.


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