More PPP Haters

Ok, I’m a happy PayPerPost member even though I’m not able to get paid yet. I’ve met some really cool people and found some really cool blogs thanks to them.(check out page 2 of my blog) Apparently alot of people still are hating on PPP and I don’t quite get it. I just discovered that some guy with ads all over his site is ranting about them and us. He even went to Colleen’s blog and copied her PPP Blogroll into his post called “More PayPerPost Blogs to Avoid” I think thats awfully low but thats another link to my blog on his site so I’m all for it. I wish people would get a life. Some of my fellow posties posted comments like:

“Thanks for the link; the more exposure and inbound links my blog gets, the better” Justin


“There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Thanks for the link!” The Media Blog

Go to this guys website if you must and you’ll see ads for places like Performancing Partners, and (I don’t know what they are so I’m not going to link to them). Thanks for the link to my page and Grow up and as Laura says “What grade are we in again?” (I love the layout Halloween theme of your blog Laura, go check it out)


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