Coach Bunting Update

Ok, after reading a few blogs I’ve discovered that I was way behind in learning about the firing of the UNC football coach. Apparently my not keeping up with the news made me not know that the rumors were flying on Friday. The Tarheel Fan Blog reported that Bunting was asked to resign and refused and was fired effective after the last game of this season. I also found the Tom Suitor of WRAL-TV in Raleigh Blog with a story on it. Suitor said “John Bunting is a good man who loves Carolina, but I think this decision was inevitable and was going to be made one way or the other and last night’s decision will end what would have been weeks of speculation….Bunting did some good things but not nearly enough. Quite simply, he couldn’t win games.” Suitor went on to suggest that maybe the Athletic Director was fit for the job of hiring Buntings replacement. “A question I’m sure a lot of Carolina fans are wondering is whether Athletic Director Dick Baddour is the man to make the hire? His two previous hires, Carl Torbush and Bunting, have been failures. He also hired Matt Doherty for the basketball coaching job.” Some of the commentors seemed to agree with this with comments like “Dick “Badhire” should have been the first to go.” and “Why not fire Dick Baddour as AD and move Bunting into that position! Bunting bleeds Carolina Blue and I believe he would do a great job in the AD position.” I totally agree with these opinions. Check out the WRAL Sports Blog and The Tarheel Fan Blog for more information.


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