Limbaugh embarasses himself

Ok, so I don’t like to broadcast my political views in this blog but as some of you may know I am a proud liberal. I am very vocal on my views on things such as my support for stem cell research. Stem Cell Research offers the possibility of finding cures for diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons. This past week the issue of Stem Cell research has come to light because Michael J. Fox who suffers from Parkinsons did a campaign commercial for Claire McCaskill, a Democratic Senate Candidate in Missouri. In response to this and for reasons I am quite unsure of Rush Limbaugh felt the need to blast Fox on his radio show, even going so far as to mock the facial ticks that are a symptom of his Parkinsons. See the video here. I have never been a fan of Limbaugh but respected him as a person even as he admitted to an addiction to oxycontin, and inadvertantly (or at least I thought at the time)made racist comments while working as an NFL analyst. Not anymore. I have totally lost respect for him. Next week I will vote for candidates that support Stem Cell Research.

Links:,,, YouTube Limbaugh video


One response to “Limbaugh embarasses himself

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