This week at my new job

Ok, so I’ve been going through firearms training this week to culminate with a day at the range Saturday. Oh yeah, and the weatherman says its going to be 40 degrees saturday…that sucks. Today we had the concealed carry portion of the class and I learned alot. I found out that if someone is trying to break into your house and you honestly believe they are going to try and hurt or kill you then you can shoot them. But if they come into your house and are unarmed then you can’t shoot them. What a learning experience this is. Oh, and I got to bring a 9 mm home to practice getting it out of the holster. And amazingly enough, I don’t even like guns..HAHA. how ironic


One response to “This week at my new job

  1. Don’t shoot anybody on Saturday.
    And did you forget something last week?

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