The Range

Saturday was weapons qualification day for my new job. We got to the range and set up to do the practice run. We went through all of the stages and fired all of our shots and the instructor said, “ok, that wasn’t practice. that was your qualification”. We went back to score them and I made an 87 (only needed an 80 to pass) and my buddy did higher than that. So then we messed around shooting targets to see who could do the best (not me) and left for dinner. We were in a little town called Fairmont, NC that I don’t know much about but we found a little Italian place called You’ll Love It Pizza. It wasn’t bad but after the Uncle Georges Lasagna in Lumberton Friday night that made a weekend with alot of pasta but I digress. We got back out to the range around 6 when it was almost completely dark (and really cold) to do our night fire. We went to load the magazines and instead of the 6 in each like this afternoon I loaded them fully. Theis threw me off, made me try to count when firing, and when we were done I had one round left. Now onto scoring. You guessed it, I scored a74 (when I needed an 80 to pass) so I had to go again. Repeat the whole scenario but this time I started with 6 rounds in each magazine and finished with a 91. Then we returned to the hospital, cleaned and secured our weapons, and came home. I was using a Glock 9 mm which is an ok gun but you can see it here


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