Election Night thoughts

I’m sitting here watching CNN and Fox News Election coverage hoping that the Democrats can take back the Senate and the House and I wanted to tell you a little story. The County I live in had a sheriffs race that was interesting. The challenger’s position was that he smoked weed for 30 years. He said that our problem wasn’t the pot heads but instead was the crackheads. I just thought that was funny that he would say that and then run for Sheriff. Of course I voted for the guy and of course he lost 88% to 12%. I am happy to see that Rick Santorum, the Republican Senator from Pennsylvania and 3rd most powerful Republican in the Senate lost. I guess when he compared homosexuals to people who commit beastiality, people didn’t take too kindly to that. I hope all of you voted today as did I.

Update: Hillary Rodham Clinton won her Senate race 69% to 29% and so far former Redskins quarterback Heath SHuler is winning his congressional race in NC.


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