It’s Official

I’m watching CNN now and Senator George Allen of Virginia is making his concession speech. This means that the Democrats have 51 seats in the Senate to thr Republicans 49 seats. The election was a sweep with the Democrats taking over. I’m so excited because it means no more of the President and the Republicans ruling the country like a dictatorship. No more freedoms taken from us with Naziesque laws like The Patriot Act. Now the president is saying he wants to work with the Democrats. Where was that before? Now things like raising the minimum wage, maybe curing diseases with stem cell research, and a protection for Roe vs. Wade. Now only 2 years and maybe the Democrats can take back the White House with either NY Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton, or Illinois Senator Barack Obama. I can’t wait. Go here to read about the Democrats 6-Point Plan that includes A Healthcare System that works for everyone, Energy Independence, Retirement Security, Economic Prosperity and Educational Excellence, Real Security, and Honest Leadership and Open Government. I am very liberal and would love to see some of these initiatives happen. Especially the Energy Independence. I am the biggest Big Oil company skeptic with the way they put their former executives (and I’m sure current stockholders) into the Executive Branch so they could gouge us with outrageous gas prices and make record profits. Honest Leadership is another one I’m not sure about. I mean, the Democrats say they are for the same things I am for but once they get to Washington, the become politicians and really only vote with the lobbyists who fatten their pockets (thats right, I said it. If any of you are reading this then prove me wrong.) At least Donald Rumsfeld is gone.


One response to “It’s Official

  1. What can I say, I agree with you on all terms.

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