Someone’s Bitter

I am looking at Rush Limbaugh’s website just to see what he is saying about the historic Republican losses. I find him to be a big, funny man so I’m gonna give you a couple of his quotes:

“We have proven we can beat them. We have proven we can beat Democrats. We have proven we can withstand whatever we get from the Drive-By Media. Conservatism, when properly applied with vigor and honesty, will triumph in this country.”  Maybe I’m missing out on something but I thought that you guys lost both houses of the Congress Tuesday.

“Think the militant Islamists and terrorists are happy today? Of course they are! They’re looking at their own future with promise, brighter days, and the Sun never setting.”  I just love this one. The Republicans couldn’t finish the Iraq war and find Bin Laden so the terrorists would be happy for them to stay

“If elderly people in Pennsylvania happen to think that the war in Iraq is wrong primarily because it uses money that could be coming to them as increased benefits, then who are they going to blame? They’re going to blame that young whippersnapper Santorum who doesn’t care about them!” Big Rush isn’t far from being elderly himself but he’s wealthy so the issue of growing old knowing that Social Security won’t be there for him doesn’t effect him. Thanks Rush for disrespecting a whole generation of people who fought for freedom in War World II, Korea, and Vietnam. Where did you serve?


One response to “Someone’s Bitter

  1. I try my best to avoid Rush. He’s borderline evil.

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