Switching Soon

Ok, so I got an email from wordpress support saying my blog would be deleted if I did any PayPerPost postings. That sucks but it’s ok because I haven’t done any yet. I guess my plan to host my blog is getting moved up so I have a few questions for you guys that have hosted wordpress blogs. 1.) Who do you use to host and are you happy with them? I’m looking for someone reliable yet fairly inexpensive. Also, can you help me come up with a cool domain name. I want something unique (obviously) and cool. I look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to answer in a comment. Thanks


3 responses to “Switching Soon

  1. Send me an email and I can answer your questions. Don’t want to leave that type of info sitting around in cyberspace. I’ve been with WP for about 8 months.

  2. I use dasBlog and love it. Email me if you need to know my host.

  3. It’s fine you don’t need to start over. You can simply buy a domain and host it there … and move your blog over. No need to start the 3 months over.

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