What I found in Wal-Mart

After reading in Denis’ Blog, Target Culture the post about the Nazi Shirts at Wal-mart I decided to check it out on my next visit to Wal-Mart. Well, that happened to be last night and sure enough, right there in the mans T-Shirt section was the T-Shirt for sale with a Skull and crossbones used by the Nazi’s befre and during World War II. I’m really suprised that more people or religious groups haven’t brought this to Wal-Mart’s attention. Denis said that Wal-Mart had pulled the shirts but he’s on the West Coast and I’m here on the East so maybe news hasn’t traveled this far yet (though we’re closer to Arkansas so it should’ve). And if any of my local readers are reading this, I found it in the Wal-Mart in my county closest to me (ok, I’ll just say it. It was seen in Lumberton Wal-Mart). Go check out the post on Target Culture to see the picture of the shirt.


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