UNC hires Butch Davis today

Well, the University of North Carolina football coach search ended today with the hiring of Butch Davis, the man everyone’s been speculating about for weeks. Athletic Director Dick Baddour announced the decision today with an official press conference scheduled November 27. “We are proud to make this announcement and delighted with the results of this search,” says Baddour. “Butch Davis became our first choice early in the process, although we did not know of his interest in us. We were excited to learn of his interest in Carolina and our football program and proceeded from that point. He’s a first class individual who is committed to preparing his student-athletes for success in all aspects of their lives. I was impressed with his knowledge of the University and his vision for the football program.” (courtesy of www.tarheelblue.comTarheel Fan also reported on this today in his blog:

Laugh line of the statement comes from Butch Davis who said:

“Dick Baddour made my introduction to Carolina happen in a well-planned, well-organized manner”

Only if you consider everyone finding out five says before you intended them to being a well planned and organized. Let no one say Davis does not have a sense of humor.

and he goes on to link to several other websites with articles on the big day in Carolina Football:

Also, for the record here are some of the other media hits:

It’s Official. Finally[850/620 Blog]

UNC Hires Butch Davis as Coach[News and Observer]

UNC Announces Davis as football coach[Charlotte Observer]

UNC Names Butch Davis new head coach[ESPN.com]

My only fear now is that he will have a few years of success and jump to the NFL like he did when he left Miami for the Cleveland Browns. Only time will tell but with the kind of recruits Bunting has lined up that are redshirted now and are coming next year Davis should have some success within his first couple of years.

Links for you to check out: www.tarheelblue.com  Tarheel Fan


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