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UNC hires Butch Davis today

Well, the University of North Carolina football coach search ended today with the hiring of Butch Davis, the man everyone’s been speculating about for weeks. Athletic Director Dick Baddour announced the decision today with an official press conference scheduled November 27. “We are proud to make this announcement and delighted with the results of this search,” says Baddour. “Butch Davis became our first choice early in the process, although we did not know of his interest in us. We were excited to learn of his interest in Carolina and our football program and proceeded from that point. He’s a first class individual who is committed to preparing his student-athletes for success in all aspects of their lives. I was impressed with his knowledge of the University and his vision for the football program.” (courtesy of www.tarheelblue.comTarheel Fan also reported on this today in his blog:

Laugh line of the statement comes from Butch Davis who said:

“Dick Baddour made my introduction to Carolina happen in a well-planned, well-organized manner”

Only if you consider everyone finding out five says before you intended them to being a well planned and organized. Let no one say Davis does not have a sense of humor.

and he goes on to link to several other websites with articles on the big day in Carolina Football:

Also, for the record here are some of the other media hits:

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My only fear now is that he will have a few years of success and jump to the NFL like he did when he left Miami for the Cleveland Browns. Only time will tell but with the kind of recruits Bunting has lined up that are redshirted now and are coming next year Davis should have some success within his first couple of years.

Links for you to check out:  Tarheel Fan

Tonight you get to see

The Carolina Panthers in their first National TV game of the year. For those of you not in North Carolina, you will get to see the explosiveness of Steve Smith and the awesome power of Julius Peppers as they take on the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully the Panthers can pull it out but the Cowboys have a good team this year. Hopefully I do well in Fantasy Football this week too. We finished the first half of our season and now I’m in a rematch with the first team I played and lost too. He has a good team but I’m confident in mine even though I’ve made some changes recently. Enjoy the Panthers game tonight.

Coach Bunting Update

Ok, after reading a few blogs I’ve discovered that I was way behind in learning about the firing of the UNC football coach. Apparently my not keeping up with the news made me not know that the rumors were flying on Friday. The Tarheel Fan Blog reported that Bunting was asked to resign and refused and was fired effective after the last game of this season. I also found the Tom Suitor of WRAL-TV in Raleigh Blog with a story on it. Suitor said “John Bunting is a good man who loves Carolina, but I think this decision was inevitable and was going to be made one way or the other and last night’s decision will end what would have been weeks of speculation….Bunting did some good things but not nearly enough. Quite simply, he couldn’t win games.” Suitor went on to suggest that maybe the Athletic Director was fit for the job of hiring Buntings replacement. “A question I’m sure a lot of Carolina fans are wondering is whether Athletic Director Dick Baddour is the man to make the hire? His two previous hires, Carl Torbush and Bunting, have been failures. He also hired Matt Doherty for the basketball coaching job.” Some of the commentors seemed to agree with this with comments like “Dick “Badhire” should have been the first to go.” and “Why not fire Dick Baddour as AD and move Bunting into that position! Bunting bleeds Carolina Blue and I believe he would do a great job in the AD position.” I totally agree with these opinions. Check out the WRAL Sports Blog and The Tarheel Fan Blog for more information.

Coach Bunting will not return in 2007

The official Tarheel website reports that John Bunting will not return in 2007. Carolina is in the middle of a tumultous season with only one win against Rutgers. The season began with high expectations with the arrival of offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti of Fresno State and a top 25 recruiting class. Apparently most of the freshmen were redshirted when they should have been playing and helping the tarheels win. “Changing coaches is never a pleasant experience, but it is even more difficult when you consider the character and integrity of someone like John Bunting,” says Dick Baddour, UNC athletic director. “I am disappointed and of course I don’t agree with the decision, but I know I must accept it,” says Coach Bunting. “My love for this great University has not and never will waver. I am very proud of the many great things we have accomplished over the past six years. We simply have not won enough games this year.” Me personally I am disappointed as well. I like John Bunting and his loyalty and dedication to his alma mater. Hopefully this won’t affect the status of quarterback Mike Paulus who has made a verbal commitment. I read in tarheel monthly that he is being pursued by other programs such as Ohio State and Oklahome and can’t make his commitment official until February. Read more about it here at

Another Sunday in Football Season

Well, the Panthers let me down yesterday. Instead of kicking the tying field goal Jake threw an errant pass that was intercepted in the endzone. I guess I underestimated the Bengals and they really stepped up and played well. But yesterday was a good day in spite of the Panthers loss. I went to church (actually 2 churches) with a new friend. I haven’t been to church in a long time and apparently even they are catching onto the technology with computers, and projectors replacing the hymnals with the song lyrics displayed on the big screen. Sorry, I know the headline was about football and I got off the subject. Now all I have to do is hope for Jeremy Shockey to have a disappointing game tonight ( and score less than 13 fantasy football points) for me to win in my FF league. Wish me luck. I’ll update you tomorrow night

My News

Well, yesterday was a good day. The Panthers stepped it up against the stifling defense of the Baltimore Ravens. Jake Delhomme had a career high 366 yards passing with 189 of them to Steve Smith. Man, Smith is unstoppable. Julius Peppers also had another good day with 2 sacks putting him in the NFL lead with 8 for the year. All of this meant good things for my fantasy football team. As long as the Bears can hold Edgerrin James to les than 30 points (and he’ll need over 100 yards and at least 3 touchdowns to get that so I have faith) then I’ll have beaten the league leader in our fantasy football league. It will put me at 4-2 (after a 0-2 start this will meant I went 4-0 the last month) and in a 3 way tie for the league lead.

Now, today. I had orientation at my new job of hospital (armed) security. It was a long, boring day made up of shots, videos, and speeches about benefits. Looks like tomorrow will be more of the same and on wednesday, thursday, and friday I’ll be in training classes in the security department. Oh, and friday I will get sprayed in the face with foam mace (really not looking forward to that) but I did meet an attractive aerobics instructor so I might be signing up to take aerobics classes (lol) and what appears to be a morning racquetball partner after I get off work. I will keep you updated and maybe post a picture of me after the mace incident.