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Thanks for reading

I have switched my blog sites. Thank you for reading. Now just go to my new page which looks alot like this one. You can click go here to check it out. Thanks, and thanks to Colleen for helping me and answering my questions.


Who’s the Third

Ok, I was just watching ABC news with Katie Couric and saw that Jack Pallance passed away. That sucks cause I enjoyed his movies. I also saw that yesterday Ed Bradley from 60 minutes died. I’m also sorry to hear that. I don’t watch 60 minutes much but I did enjow Mr.Bradleys sections. I remember one interview he did with Michael Jordan where they played one on one. I know it seems that celebrity deaths always happen in threes so I wonder who the third is. I hate that these two have passed away. Pallance’s unforgettable movie characters and Bradley’s insightful interviews will definitely be missed by me. Hopefully there will not be a third one this time.

Someone’s Bitter

I am looking at Rush Limbaugh’s website just to see what he is saying about the historic Republican losses. I find him to be a big, funny man so I’m gonna give you a couple of his quotes:

“We have proven we can beat them. We have proven we can beat Democrats. We have proven we can withstand whatever we get from the Drive-By Media. Conservatism, when properly applied with vigor and honesty, will triumph in this country.”  Maybe I’m missing out on something but I thought that you guys lost both houses of the Congress Tuesday.

“Think the militant Islamists and terrorists are happy today? Of course they are! They’re looking at their own future with promise, brighter days, and the Sun never setting.”  I just love this one. The Republicans couldn’t finish the Iraq war and find Bin Laden so the terrorists would be happy for them to stay

“If elderly people in Pennsylvania happen to think that the war in Iraq is wrong primarily because it uses money that could be coming to them as increased benefits, then who are they going to blame? They’re going to blame that young whippersnapper Santorum who doesn’t care about them!” Big Rush isn’t far from being elderly himself but he’s wealthy so the issue of growing old knowing that Social Security won’t be there for him doesn’t effect him. Thanks Rush for disrespecting a whole generation of people who fought for freedom in War World II, Korea, and Vietnam. Where did you serve?

It’s Official

I’m watching CNN now and Senator George Allen of Virginia is making his concession speech. This means that the Democrats have 51 seats in the Senate to thr Republicans 49 seats. The election was a sweep with the Democrats taking over. I’m so excited because it means no more of the President and the Republicans ruling the country like a dictatorship. No more freedoms taken from us with Naziesque laws like The Patriot Act. Now the president is saying he wants to work with the Democrats. Where was that before? Now things like raising the minimum wage, maybe curing diseases with stem cell research, and a protection for Roe vs. Wade. Now only 2 years and maybe the Democrats can take back the White House with either NY Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton, or Illinois Senator Barack Obama. I can’t wait. Go here to read about the Democrats 6-Point Plan that includes A Healthcare System that works for everyone, Energy Independence, Retirement Security, Economic Prosperity and Educational Excellence, Real Security, and Honest Leadership and Open Government. I am very liberal and would love to see some of these initiatives happen. Especially the Energy Independence. I am the biggest Big Oil company skeptic with the way they put their former executives (and I’m sure current stockholders) into the Executive Branch so they could gouge us with outrageous gas prices and make record profits. Honest Leadership is another one I’m not sure about. I mean, the Democrats say they are for the same things I am for but once they get to Washington, the become politicians and really only vote with the lobbyists who fatten their pockets (thats right, I said it. If any of you are reading this then prove me wrong.) At least Donald Rumsfeld is gone.

What a Great Day for America

When I woke up today I saw that The Democrats had taken back Congress I got excited. Finally someone to put the President in check, even though he circumvented The Republican Congress whenever possibly. I guess now though he’ll dust of the old Veto pen which he didn’t use for the first 5 years AT ALL. But now I discover that theres icing on the cake. Donald Rumsfeld resigned. I guess it took the whole country being dissatisfied with the war he helped orchestrate to force his hand because we all know that the Generals who served in Iraq speaking out against him didn’t do anything. I am so excited now. I will update more on his replacement later. Oh, and Claire McCaskill from Missouri won.

Limbaugh embarasses himself

Ok, so I don’t like to broadcast my political views in this blog but as some of you may know I am a proud liberal. I am very vocal on my views on things such as my support for stem cell research. Stem Cell Research offers the possibility of finding cures for diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons. This past week the issue of Stem Cell research has come to light because Michael J. Fox who suffers from Parkinsons did a campaign commercial for Claire McCaskill, a Democratic Senate Candidate in Missouri. In response to this and for reasons I am quite unsure of Rush Limbaugh felt the need to blast Fox on his radio show, even going so far as to mock the facial ticks that are a symptom of his Parkinsons. See the video here. I have never been a fan of Limbaugh but respected him as a person even as he admitted to an addiction to oxycontin, and inadvertantly (or at least I thought at the time)made racist comments while working as an NFL analyst. Not anymore. I have totally lost respect for him. Next week I will vote for candidates that support Stem Cell Research.

Links:,,, YouTube Limbaugh video

Write To My Blog Part 2

Ok, I’ve played with Write To My Blog (which I mentioned a couple of posts ago) and I’ve started to discover it’s positives and negatives. On the plus side, I added it to my favorites and then went into the favorites folder and sent it as a shortcut to the desktop. It gave it the websites logo which is cool. I also dragged it into the quick launch on the taskbar. You can see this in my little screenshot. On the downside the only way you can add a picture is by adding a picture thats online somewhere like Flickr. So that means that I’m not using it to write this post. Overall I like it and plan on using it because it does make things simpler. I’ll just come here when I need to add a picture because I can’t add all of my pictures to flickr (without paying the 25 bucks a year which I’m not really wanting to do)