Pay per post Friends

Updated October 20, 2006

SimpleKindofLife                                                                                                                    Accentuate the Positive
Allan’s World
An Indian Summer
And To Think…
Ankit ‘s Life And Technology Reviews
Beachgirl’s Budget Blog
Behind The Dreams
Blog For Peace
Brainstorming Diva
Brian Reilly’s Weblog
Cake Space
Cass Knits!
chase the stars
Chonks Place
Click Newz
Come As You Are
Console Boards
Daily Dose of Denise
Damon Killian’s Blog
Dean’s Backyard
Divorce to Financial Freedom
Domestic Geek
Dream Weddings On A Budget
Eau Salee Lunaire
Elsy Masters
Erich D.
Erich In Texas
Family C.A.R.E
Funky Kim
ideliverit Blog
jmcgready�s misc. universe
Just Julie
La Vie de Laurie
Lauren and Me
Liberal Common Sense
life is good
Maven Mapper’s Information
Mean Old World
Miles Apart
Misanthropic Tendencies
Mommy Space
Mona’s Blog
More than Pocket Change
More Willie
Mrs. Crumley
My Prairie Rose
My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings
Nadine Sheree Haute Couture
Nails Blog V2.0
Nasafan’s Blog
Nugget’s Blog Emporium
NutmegNine Journal
Purple Hell
Ramblings of An Undisturbed Mind
Shades of life
SilentMysts Blog 
Something About Harry
stuck in elmo’s world
Surviving NJ
The Beginnings of a Blog
The Building Brows
The Bushido Way
the dawnsters
The Halting Point
The Mediablog
The Mommy Blogger
The Ridiculously Mundane
The Zone Network
Tomorrow’s Blog
Tor’s Rants
Tricia’s Musings
Two Moms In A Blog
T’s Spot Video Blog
Unfolding A Rose
voxing it stacy style
Warning: Life Under Construction
Whatever I Feel Like


18 responses to “Pay per post Friends

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  8. Have you read themommyblogger? I don’t see how in the world that blogger is being allowed to use PayPerPost. Colleen deleted themommyblogger from her blogroll because the blogger doesn’t link back. She only links to one other PPP blogger and she also links to a lot of her own blogs, which aren’t any better than themommyblogger.

    Her blogs may actually devalue other bloggers’ blogs if they link to any of them.

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